learning German in New Mexico

Over Memorial Day Weekend I visited one of my favorite families, the Abernathys in Amarillo. We had such a blast hiking/geocaching, running, watching movies, going to Cadillac Ranch, etc. I knew that as this weekend came to an end that my summer would take off with full force. I’m getting ready for some major changes in my life: moving countries, leaving my work position to become a student and trying to find my identity all over again.

Why do we get caught in allowing our identity to be that which we are doing rather than who we are being?

I’m starting to build on where I’ve been, by learning German as I drive through New Mexico, realizing how I can take my skills in the magazine world to teens in Europe and taking many friendships to the next level as people decide to join me in both prayer and financial support while I continue this journey.

My prayer is that I won’t be the woman who doesn’t know German very well or who used to be on the Brio staff. My prayer is that I will be caught as the identity of someone who is passionate about God willing to take those faith steps He calls me to take so He may be glorified in my life.

How is God building in your life? Where is He calling you to take faith steps? Who do you say you are?

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