what is tandem living?

On May 12 I took two big jumps. One was physical — I actually jumped out of a plane at 17,500 feet above sea level in Longmont, Colorado. Even before I left for Longmont that morning, I announced to the Brio staff that my last day would be July 28, in order to pursue dreams God has placed on my heart for missions, teens, discipleship and creating resources that will communicate Truth to European teens. This jump was even more difficult to take.

the physical jump
Falling 120 mph toward the ground is probably not what most would consider a typical Friday afternoon — unless you’re Jason, my tandem skydiving instructor. Now this jump could’ve been terrifying if I hadn’t been connected to Jason, who not only had the experience, but also the parachute. Instead I had an amazing experience falling through the air without even the falling feeling. It was as if I was flying! I had to listen to everything Jason told me to do. I didn’t know why I had to do this or that, but I may have suffered consequences if I hadn’t jumped with the proper form or equipment.

the spiritual jump
Just like I was connected to Jason, I know I can’t jump into this new chapter of my life alone. I’m not saying that I’m going and have decided to take God with me. It’s actually being connected to Him that has even led me to this opportunity. That’s something I need to daily be reminded of. God wants me to trust Him with every detail. Even those days when I feel like I’m going out of my mind with leaving my comfort zone and stability. He wants me to join Him where He’s working — to be in tandem with Him. And so I’m taking the faith jump, not a blind jump. I can definitely see that I’m headed toward something. I’m just not sure what the journey or the destination will be like.

join me in tandem living
This blog is devoted to encouraging tandem living. I want to be connected with God in a way I never have before — to trust, go with Him and shout His name as I fly. I also desire for you to connect with God as I share what He’s doing in my life. My prayer is that through this we will see and even be able to discuss just how incredible our God really is.

I’d also love to stay connected with you and hear your thoughts on tandem living, how I can pray for you and how you’re staying connected to your Creator.

Ready to jump?

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