a Peruvian adventure

I just got back from Peru! It was my last Brio missions trip. This year I was in charge of writing the story about the trip which will appear in our November 2006 issue. So, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Ron Nickel, our photographer and going on some wild rides around the city of Lima. I did get to ride in this little taxi while I was there, but I didn’t really drive it.

I even tried to buy one for my roommate Tra’Cee who always seems to want really big souvenirs from the countries I visit. *smile* But with the weight-limit changes on international flights this just wasn’t possible. Sorry Trace.

When I rode in this little taxi the ride was so bumpy that all I could do was laugh the entire way to our destination. I definitely felt like I was on “The Amazing Race.” Maybe all of my travels will make me a good applicant someday.

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