stop, in the name of change

Today is my nephew Kaleb’s first birthday. I can’t believe that a year has passed since he entered my world. I’m so grateful for God bringing him into my life and the way God continues to work through my family.

This time last year I had no idea that a year later I wouldn’t be working for Brio and instead heading to Austria with YWAM. It’s cool that God gives us just what we can handle at the moment. After traveling around the world in less than 80 days . . . (hee hee!) I’m finally in the Louisville area for 3 weeks. It’s so great to put clothes in a closet, unpack my bags and be with my family and friends here. I’ve loved the e-mails and comments I’ve received asking literally where in the world I was. I can barely keep track of my schedule, why should you be able to? *smile*

If you didn’t get to keep track of my Australia/New Zealand adventure that I took at the beginning of August, check out The new pic I put up is from a Lord of the Rings exhibition I got to go to in Wellington, New Zealand. It was incredible!

Last week I spent time with my roommate Tra’Cee in Washington state, Portland, Ore. and Canada. We had a wonderful time in Victoria and Sidney, B.C. We camped and canoed and laughed a lot.

The reality of actually leaving those I love on another continent comes in waves of emotion. I want to be excited about what God is going to do, but I’m just not completely there yet. I’m in the goodbye stage. The sad stage. It would be easy to stuff it and move forward, but I think in the long run it’s better just to cry when it comes.

Thanks for joining me in the tears, and for all your love and support along the way!

P.S. I’ll post Kaleb’s birthday pics soon!

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