today is the day!

I can’t believe that September 27 is here. I head to the Denver airport in a few hours to catch a flight to London and then on to Vienna. I have so many emotions right now, trying to articulate them all in this blog would be impossible. I am continuously overwhelmed by God’s goodness. He’s blessed me with an abundance of friends and family who love me more than I even realize. And in all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for this next adventure, He’s shown up in BIG and little ways to remind me how much He’s in every detail.

I’d appreciate your prayers as I travel: for safety, for my luggage that maybe it won’t be overweight (it’s borderline) and that it will arrive in Vienna as planned, for time to journal and reflect on the plane, as well as the need to unwind. Pray for cultural adjustment and a good night’s sleep when I get to Vienna. I guess that is a bonus of being 8 hours ahead of Colorado, I’ll get to go to bed earlier than my mountain time friends. hee hee!

I love you all and am privileged to share in this journey with you!

Krishana 🙂

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