life near ee-kay-uh and mood-ling (did I say adjustment?)

As we drove from the airport to Modling (“Mood-ling”) I couldn’t help but notice a BIG blue building right off the major road. Yep, it was IKEA. After such a long day of traveling, emotions and such, that site made me smile. I think IKEA will probably be my new Target, for feeling at home in a store without being close to home at all. (Make sense?) I haven’t been to IKEA yet because it seems I’ve hit the ground running here in the town I’m now living in, just outside of Vienna.

I like to run, but it seems that this “running” schedule is going to take an adjustment for me. I’m used to being independent, making my own schedule, fixing my own meals and having free time to choose to hang out with people or have some down time by myself. My expectations were that I would be stretched in the opposite way hearing that YWAM had more of a loose schedule, but apparently this DTS is quite different.

On Friday we had a full day of orientation and got overloaded with many details about the school. Here’s a one-day example of my schedule so you can get an idea:


7:30 bfast
8:15 quiet time
9:00 worship time as a class
10:30 teaching
11:30 break
11:45 teaching
1:00 lunch together
2:30 small group (for an hour or so)
time to do work duties/homework and such before dinner
6:00 dinner
7:00 teaching

I’m excited about learning and growing, but I’d appreciate your prayers as I have to adjust to a new schedule and culture.

Another adjustment I have is that there are only 2 other girls in my program. That’s not necessarily a bad adjustment, but I had different expectations. I thought there would be at least 7 of us. The good thing about such an intimate group is that we can be transported easier and have more opportunities to go to conferences and such.

Courtney and Mallory are both around 18 and 19. Yes, that’s definitely another adjustment for me. But I know God is going to use them in my lives just as much as He will use me in theirs. I’ve found that I’m the one who tells it like it is. If I’m feeling homesick I say it, and then they thank me later for saying something they’re feeling, but didn’t want to say. I figure if I can be that voice then God already has a reason for me being here.

i love students!

On Saturday morning we headed to Nenzing for a Teen Prayer Congress event. It was so fun to be with teens worshiping and praying with them. I craved being able to go up to them and start a conversation or finding out about who they are. However, I don’t know much German yet, and need some boldness. Pray that as these opportunities arise again that I’ll get out there and go. I long to, but there’s fear of not being able to communicate or making a fool of myself when I do. It’s going to take a lot of work to learn and absorb a language and culture. Pray that I’ll not be so hard on myself, and yet give it all I’ve got.

I had some pics of my house and room, but somehow lost a few of those between transferring them between my camera and the computer. I’m still learning about this new digital technology. I hope to get those up soon.

Thank you all so much for your prayers. I’m so blessed to have you alongside of me every step of the way!

P.S. We’re talking about hosting an outdoor movie for teens in this area. Pray for the details of where and when and how to get them there.

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