i’m in Germany!

This is going to be a shorter entry without pics. I’ll get some pictures up when I return to Austria. We arrived here at Hurlach, another YWAM base, on Sunday evening. My classmates and I didn’t realize that we were coming to a primarily German-speaking YWAM school. We were a bit intimidated and withdrawn that first day and a half, but I would say now we’ve made friends that we’re going to miss. It’s cool how God can speed up intimacy and friendships with people we just met on Sunday.

This week’s topic is worship. I’ll have more to share when I return, but know that it has been a good week of thinking about how I worship God and what it really means to worship.

You can pray for me as I hop on a train by myself on Friday morning to visit Ashley Holden, one of my former small group girls. She’s at Bodenseehof, close to the Switzerland border. I’m ecstatic about seeing her!! Pray that I’ll be able to find an English speaking person who works at the train station because I still need to purchase my return ticket to Modling. hee hee! It’s always an adventure, eh?!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! Gotta head to dinner!

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  1. Years ago, Vic and I went to a church service in Interlaken, Switzerland. It was entirely in German, of which I knew a few words, and Vic knew nothing. Yet there was a cool “familiarity” amoung the worshippers, especially in the music. Later, when I was walking by myself, (Vic was there for work)someone handed me a German tract and I responded by handing him a 4 Spiritual Laws booklet. We both smiled and nodded happily and went on. It was fun! On another note, isn’t it interesting to see buildings that are older than our entire country? I’m glad you’re getting to have these experiences, Krishana. I know God is revealing Himself to you in a new context that is uncomfortable, but you will never regret. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. We miss you!

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