"ask me in November"

Today is a cold, sometimes snowy, sometimes rainy, very windy day in Modling, Austria. I’m sitting here in what should be the living room, but is used more for our classroom. It’s only 4 in the afternoon, but with the weather outside and the time change last weekend it feels like 7:30 p.m. This weekend I’m on my own. My roommates have headed to Prague and will be back on Sunday. I do like Prague, but realize I need my friend Michelle to join me in order to truly experience this part of the Czech Republic. And I know she will someday! I’m enjoying my alone time. As most of you know I’m like a rechargeable battery that is recharged with alone time. So, this recharging time has been an extra special, and much needed, treat.

Some of you heard the response, “Ask me in November,” quite a bit as I prepared to venture to Austria. Well, beyond my belief November is here. I’m not sure where July went. I lost it somewhere in Peru, I suppose. I’ve been here over a month, and if I had to answer the question “Why did God bring you to YWAM Austria?” today, right now, I’d say: to expand my perspective, to grow my trust in Him and show me that I’m not out of my mind in how He leads and how I listen and how I respond. There have been moments that my connection with God and how I understand His voice have been challenged. Not from other people, but within myself. Sometimes I miss seeing the intimacy I have with Him because I don’t take the time to look. He meets me in moments — specific moments. I had a day this week where I was really homesick. If someone had handed me a ticket to the States I would’ve grabbed it and ran. I was talking to my roommates about it, and before I had even finished the conversation a letter had arrived for me from Tra’Cee (a dear friend in Colorado). God met me in that moment, personally! How does He meet you in each day? How does He show up when you may not be looking?

Let me give you a brief synopsis of the last week and a half:

Did you know Austria is the country with the most national holidays? Yep, I knew I’d love this country! *smile* On October 26 was one of those holidays, and I got to spend it with a YWAM staffer (Susanne) in Vienna. We took the train in for breakfast and walked around. There were bands everywhere to celebrate Austria.

Last weekend I attended a YWAM missions conference in Germany. My favorite moment was when I was having a conversation with a South African guy and a French girl. Here is our booth for YWAM Austria that we were able to have at the conference. From Left to Right: Renate (YWAM Austria staff), Mallory (roommate), Courtney (roommate), Craig (YWAM Austria DTS leader/staff).

Last Thursday was Craig’s 40th birthday! We celebrated by making Mexican food. It’s hard to make Mexican food in Austria. There is no such thing as refried beans here or salsa. So, we improvised and did what we could. Our enchilada meal was actually tasty! I can’t say the salsa was as good as the kind I like to get at the Colorado farmer’s market, but it was still good. Here the girls are doing the macarena dance. They were teaching Katia, Craig’s youngest child.

Here’s some of the birthday bunch around the table! From left to right: Susanne (YWAM staffer), Sharon (Craig’s wife), Craig, Matisse (Craig’s second child), Caleb (Craig’s oldest) and Katia.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Can’t wait to hear what God is doing in your lives!

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