2nd annual turkey trot

In case I didn’t tell you the story about the first-annual turkey trot . . . Last year Tra’Cee and I wanted to run in a Turkey Trot race, but couldn’t find the time to fit one in our schedule. I was just joking when I said we should have our own race and have the runners make their own T-shirts. Yet, what was a laughing matter and still is has turned into a neighborhood phenomenon. In case you live in the Colorado Springs area and would like to join this phenomenon the details are below. I’ll be running in Austria, hopefully around the same time. Isn’t it cool that this is now an international phenomenon?!

E-mail from Tra’Cee:

I’m trying to scan the “cute” flyer but for now, here is the information on the Turkey Trot. I’m trying to get this in the Independent today. 🙂 I’ll bring flyers to REI as well, Invite everyone you know!

2nd Annual Turkey Trot, this Sunday, 11/12/06 at 7:30 AM. Meeting at Monument Valley Park, 1 Mile Marker near Cache La Pudre Street Parking Lot. West of Cascade on Cache La Pudre, down town. You can park in the parking lot.

Low budget, come as you are, whatever level you are at. Come rain, snow, shine or sleet, run in celebration of all that you are thankful for.

Bring a tee-shirt that says “Turkey Trot” on it (homemade/low-budget is great). Run as far as you want, the distance that you are comfortable with.

Meeting at Pikes Perk downtown on Tejon Street afterwards for warm drinks!

Oh yeah, it’s at Monument Valley Park, 1 mile marker near Cache la Pudre Street parking lot where it dead ends. West of Cascade on Cache La Pudre Street. You can park in the lot.

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