my new favorite drink

I may have already said this, but they have the best dark hot chocolate in Serbia. It’s thick almost like pudding, and you eat it with a spoon. Delicious! On Tuesday night I went to enjoy this delicious drink dessert with Tamara and Susa at a cafe called The Ship. It actually looked like a ship. We walked up these steep steps and sat on uppder-deck D enjoying conversation. Tamara is in college studying English and Susa is a high school student who would like to live in Vienna someday. Pray for me as I continue to build relationships with these girls. With Susa there is a language barrier, but I’m trying to find ways to reach out to her that don’t require language.

what needs to be rebuilt
On Thursday night I spoke for the mid-week Serbian service. I talked about Nehemiah, who along with a large community of people completed rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days. I emphasized that God can do BIG things through relationships. I believe God wants to do some rebuilding among the youth group of this church as well as the adult community. Pray that He will show us specifically how we can be a part of that. Thanks for your prayers! This talk went smoothly, even though I only had 3.5 prep days.

short and sweet
I thought I’d give you an update today that’s a bit shorter. Thanks to those of you who have read and responded to my last novel (summary: included Serbia updates as well as longterm updates, if you didn’t get a chance to read it). I know time is limited, so I appreciate you taking the time to read my last entry. Especially without pictures! *smile*

It’s snowing in Leskovac!! woohoo!!

Blessings to you all!

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