dancing queen

I found out Susa, the student I’m building a relationship with here in Serbia, loves to go to the disco on Saturday night. Which is exactly where I was this past Saturday. I’m not usually a night-life person, but drank lots of Coca-Cola in order to stay awake and hang out with her and her friends from school. We had fun and I think it said something to her that I want to spend time with her beyond the walls of the church. Tomorrow afternoon we’re going to watch a movie with some of her friends. I’m hoping to find a movie that can spark some conversation. You can continue to pray about that friendship! Susa can understand more English than she can speak. Pray for a breaking of the language barrier. I’m trying to get as creative as possible in order to approach some deeper topics, but it’s hard.

what day is it?
Today is Tuesday, but to us here in Serbia on outreach it is considered our Saturday. I’m not sure I’ve ever been excited about Tuesdays as much as I have since I arrived in Serbia. It’s good to have a day to relax and catch up on some e-mail! I’ve officially made Tuesdays our traditional “fresh pastry for breakfast” day. The girls like that tradition! I think wherever you go you should have a tradition that has chocolate filling.

I’ll keep this short because now you have two of these in your in-box. Pray this Thursday that we’ll be able to coordinate some sort of weekly youth meeting. That’s one of the steps we wnt to take this week with the students here. I have no idea what any of this will look like at the end of February, or where God will move and guide these students and our team.

If you watch the Super Bowl on Sunday make sure you cheer for the Indy Colts!!


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