around town

Suza and I took pictures around Leskovac on Wednesday. Many people stared at me thinking I was a part of the local media. They probably wondered what breaking story they had missed about bikes and cafes and such. Or they assumed I was a silly tourist with nothing better to do but pull my Canon out and take random pictures. Either way I had the attention of the town as we walked down Main Street.
Many people ride bikes around town. However the style and type of bikes on the bike rack look quite different from those you see outside a coffee shop in downtown Colorado Springs.

Cafes are the place to be, especially on Fridays and Saturdays (that is, if you’re not at the disco!). This pic is of Cafe Centar. It’s probably the most popular cafe in town. I went there with my friend, Irene last week. Good thing I started running again because I can’t get enough of the dark hot chocolate.

I saw this picture and had to take it. The bottom level is a cafe and the top is the local orthodox church. Hmm . . . sums up Leskovac.

cafe without a name
On Thursday night we had our first youth group meeting, cafe style. We invited the students from the church we’re working with to attend a cafe we created. That night we talked about what it means for Jesus to be Lord. The night began with coffee, hot chocolate, goodies and discussion at each table. Our center pieces had questions they could discuss. Then we closed the evening with a group discussion and challenge. It was a great night! The students loved the cafe without a name. I’m hoping they’ll take the ownership of this idea, name the cafe and really go after making this a part of their weeks.

move along
How can you pray? We’ll be traveling on Monday to another part of Serbia and staying there until Wednesday. Pray that we’ll have a safe trip. While we’re there we’ll meet up with another YWAM team doing their outreach in Serbia. It should be a good time, and possibly a nice break. In all honestly, I look at the 20 days we have left on outreach and the one last week in Austria, and I get so excited to be coming home. I feel like I’ve been in a time capsule for almost 5 months. Pray that I’ll persevere and give these last few weeks all I can give. Pray that I’ll be refueled. Pray that I’ll see how God is working and not miss how He wants to use me in the relationships that have been built.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Love from Serbia!

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