last(ing) moments

It’s our last few days in Serbia. Honestly it’s hard to imagine how different life will be when we aren’t here. The church congregation has adopted us into their family. They’ve even said they are finally getting used to us being around. *smile* I have a combination of emotions: I’m ready to go, but also will be sad to leave these students.

I’m usually ready to go when frustration arises and sad to leave when I see God working in the lives of the Serbian people.

Last night was our last Ping-Pong game night with the students. We’re seeing slow progress as students become more committed to praying for their friends and inviting them. A highlight of these regular game nights was a photo scavenger hunt we did last week. This is a common youth group occurrence for teens in the States, but it was something new to these Serbian youth. We concluded the evening with a slide show of the pics. It was one of our best game nights. Here are some pictures from my team:

Take your picture with someone eating a hamburger.

Take your picture with the man with the most hair on his head.

Take a picture with a taxi-driver and his taxi. (Here’s Suza!!)

I will bring a ton of pictures home with me of my Serbian experiences. However, when it comes to the level of visible impact our team has had on this city, there are only a few snapshots. I picture Suza and the changes I’ve seen in her life. I picture Irene and the joy she has whenever someone from our team comes to the Internet cafe. I see a youth group who is beginning to run with ownership and excitement to be leaders in the church. If I only look at these snapshots as a failed mission then I’ve missed what God is really all about. Too many times we get caught up in the three-step plan to anything — taking people from point A to point Z in a matter of minutes. But God has time. He has patience. And He knows how to pursue and reach people in personal and unique ways. These snapshots will be in a larger photo album of God’s pursuit and work in this church and in this community. To even be a small part of that larger photo album blows my mind. I’m so grateful for the ways God challenged me in Serbia. And I’m even more thankful for the ways I’ve experienced Him showing up. It doesn’t mean it’s been easy. I’ve had many “kicking and screaming” moments longing for comfort and space. I’ve fallen on my face, but I’m thankful to have a Daddy who lifts me up and gets me walking again.

how you can pray
* Thursday night is our last youth meeting/cafe. The students are in charge of most of it. I hope they keep it going after we’re gone.
* That we’ll trust God as He continues to invest in these people He’s allowed us to meet while we’ve been here. Who knows the other people He will bring in their lives.
* Safety as we travel back to Austria on March 2 and 3. (We may stop in Budapest, Hungary for a day on our way back.)

Blessings to you! Thanks again for your prayers and support!

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