i’m a graduate . . . again

Last night we had our final DTS graduation dinner. It’s hard to believe this program is over and that Courtney and Mallory will be home soon, if they aren’t already there. I’m sure they’ve had a long day.

Here’s a group picture of our team: From L to R: me, Courtney, Renate, Mallory, Sharon, Craig and three kids in front โ€” (L to R) Caleb, Katia and Mattias.

should i really let her use my camera?
Today Tra’Cee and I spent our first day in Vienna together. We went to every H&M clothing store they have on the Kartner Strasse (there are three). We also went biking around parts of the city and saw the Danube. I’ll have to put those pictures up later. Right now it’s almost 10:30 p.m. and I’m exhausted. I let Trace borrow my camera while we were in St. Stephen’s. She had a lot of fun, which is why my face looks the way it does when she captured me in a photo. I think I have more pictures of St. Stephen’s than I need.

Here’s a staircase Tra’Cee took a lot of pictures of, it fascinated her. I had her pick out her favorite.

Today they were giving out free hugs in Vienna. (see picture below)

One of our favorite parts of today was going to Cafe Hawelka. It’s a unique spot in Vienna. We loved it! We order a Vienna specialty coffee: Wiener Melange (coffee with steamed milk) and snapped some photos while we were there.

Tomorrow is a new day, and plenty to see. Who knows what kind of pictures we’ll get next.

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