the thunder rolls

In the Kentuckiana area the big event approaching is the Kentucky Derby. To celebrate this horse-racing event there are many festivities leading up to the BIG day. One of those events is called Thunder Over Louisville. It’s a huge air show and fireworks display. On Saturday my dad and I babysat Kaleb and took in the sights since my brother and his family live close to the Ohio River. Here are some pics from the Indiana side of the fireworks.

a few of my favorite kids

During the last two weeks I’ve visited various families I know in the Louisville area and even the Chicago area (for a quick trip). Kids have energy and vibrancy that I try to soak in when I’m around them. They are so creative, observant and ask honest questions, that sometimes we’re afraid to utter as adults. I love what you can learn from their lives. If you have kids or hang around kids, keep your eyes, ears and hearts open. I don’t have pictures of all the kids I have been with, just a few.

The Graybeal family: Troy, Beth Ann and their kids Henry and Eileen.

Ellie Burd and her strawberry creation. She loves to create in the kitchen.

Jake and Ty Burd listening to their favorite CD mix.

Madeline Hanson loves to show off her bunny slippers and pretty necklaces.

the DVD is here!
Here’s a version of the DVD I created from YouTube. I can’t wait to show you in person! And for those of you I’m mailing a DVD to, they’re coming. I haven’t made it to the post office. Thanks for your patience!

almost there
It feels like finals week and I’m not even a student. This week I’ve been focused on Greater Europe Mission paperwork. I took three exams on Monday (thanks to Dave DeKlavon and his office!), a psychological, personality and Bible test. I have one more set of questions to complete and then I’ll mail everything to Colorado Springs.

Also I purchased my plane ticket for Caitlin’s wedding! Thanks for your prayers!

There are still many of you in the Louisville area I want to see. E-mail me and I’ll also try to call you sometime this weekend.


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