back in the Springs

(Doesn’t this picture make you laugh?!)You may be wondering where I disappeared to. Well, I’m back in Colorado Springs, as of Sunday evening. I had a wonderful time with my family and friends in Indiana/Kentucky. I even have a few more pics to share from my time there. However, I am enjoying the fact that I have a dresser with drawers to put my clothes in! Before I show you some fun pics, let me give you a brief update.

I did get accepted to attend a week-long orientation with Greater Europe Mission from June 9-15. Pray that God will confirm one way or another my direction and desire in heading back to Austria.

I’m all moved in to my new room. You’ll see pics below!! I get to sleep in my own bed tonight for the first time.

Currently, I’m applying for jobs. I’ve applied to the Pikes Peak Library district, Barnes & Noble, Home Depot, Borders and am finishing up one for Bath & Body Works. If you have any other options or ideas please let me know. I’ll also be freelance writing on the side. You can pray that a job option will open up and that interviewing will take place before or after my week of orientation. I sure hope orientation and job interviews don’t collide.

I have a few more things to complete before June 9 orientation begins. Please pray that I’ll be diligent in completing these tasks. And continue to give this next season to God with an open heart and mind to whatever He has for me.

I guess that covers it! Just so you know, I’ve never felt more blessed to not have a car with the way gas prices have skyrocketed. The bus, my bike, my feet and occasionally a good friend are getting me everywhere I need to go.

Blessings to you!! You never cease to amaze me with your love and support. Thank you!!

Scroll down for pics.
Dad, Mom and I at Disney World. Did I tell you that we got stuck in Orlando for an extra night?! It was a wonderful trip, with an adventurous ending.

Kaleb and I with his new Mickey Mouse stuffed animal.

Kaleb loves to suck on lemons. We were out at Ruby Tuesday when this facial expression took place.

My brother plays softball with a local church league. Marissa (my sister-in-law), Kaleb and I went to cheer him on. Here are some pics.

This is a group of high school friends that I hung out with in Nashville, Tennessee a few weekends ago. We were there to celebrate Heather’s upcoming marriage. This is at the Pancake Pantry. Yum!

Here are a couple pics of my new room in Colorado Springs. Feels like home!

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