some of my favorite people

Last week I got a good dose of catching up with incredible people. Many of them are students who were in Pulpit Rock student ministry when I was a leader.

Molly and Andy were wed on May 27. They were both students in PRC’s youth group. I had Molly in my small group for a year. She now owns the white Chevy Cavalier I sold before heading to Austria.

From left to right: Michelle Funk and John Funk (brother and sister). They are so much fun! Then there’s Shauna Messamer and her husband Jason. All former students. Jason has already asked me if I can hook him up with a place to stay in Europe when they come to visit. I told him it might be some time before I get back. He said that was fine because he didn’t have the money now anyway. *smile*

Steve and Mary Burford. Steve officiated the wedding. I volunteered under his pastoral leadership at Pulpit. They are now enjoying serving in a church alongside family at The Gathering in Colorado Springs.

The gang, for a reunion pic!

Last Wednesday I had these lovely ladies (Lauren, Kara and Marissa) over for brownies and ice cream. They are former small group girls who have completed their first year of college. We kept moving from room to room in the house chatting and catching up. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I couldn’t be more proud of how they are following God’s lead and guidance.

at just the right time
“You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly” (Romans 5:6).

The words I would use for these last few days in Colorado Springs are desired, lavished, timely and then there’s lonely and quiet. Somehow all of these words connect. In the quiet moments when I didn’t necessarily want to be alone and felt lonely God met me. He reminded me that I am desired and gave me desire for Him. He has done nothing but lavish His love on me over and over again. And might I add (so to include my last word) in quite a timely fashion.

Romans 5:6 struck me this week because it summarizes what God is up to. He’s all about “at just the right time.” It’s when we don’t understand the “right time” that things get messy.

on the job front
After putting in all those applications the silence made me want to fill out more applications and get as many in as possible. But then God told me to hold up. He wanted me to wait on Him. I have to admit I did grab a Bath & Body Works application and still have it in my purse. I haven’t turned it in yet.

I got specific with my job prayers. And God showed up last Thursday when I got a call from the Pikes Peak Downtown Library asking me to come in for an interview. Woohoo! So, I have an interview this Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. mountain time. This job would involve books, something I love, but would restrict me to checking them out rather than buying them (unlike Barnes & Noble and Borders). This job is also within walking distance of my house and pays well for a part-time job. At just the right time . . .

on the writing front
I have received a few freelancing opportunities and have even completed one in the last few days. It’s cool when the words and article quickly come! I love that I still get the opportunity to write even though I’m not working directly in the magazine world. God is good! At just the right time . . .

on the missions front
Only 5 days until my Greater Europe Mission orientation begins. I still have some things to complete. One of those projects is gathering names and addresses of those prayer and financial supporters. If I only have your e-mail and not your mailing address, would you please send it to me. Thanks!

Pray that my heart will remain soft and open to what God wants to say and do in my life, especially when it comes to this orientation. Pray that He will be clear with the next step.

God has been doing some heart-work in my life this week so I will hear Him clearly. There was some clutter that needed to go. At just the right time . . .

God has blessed me so much, at just the right time, through your encouragement, generosity and prayers. I hope this blog entry finds you at just the right time. Blessings!

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