a week of God’s peace

I know that God’s peace doesn’t end in simply one week, but I am thankful that during my Greater Europe Mission (GEM) orientation I have experienced peace. I have to be honest and say that I went into this week rather cautiously. But now I’m delighted and am honored to tell you that I have been accepted by GEM as a long-term missionary to go to Austria. It’s sort of strange how everything can fall into place so quickly. I know where I’m headed and yet I don’t even have a job in Colorado Springs. God works in mysterious ways!

GEM feels like a family to me. There were countless times this week that I made connections with the people who are a part of the staff as well as other candidates going through the same exact thing. This is my new missions family and I’m excited about that. Yes, there is so much more to tell you, but these long days make me sleepy. I’ll try to catch you up more with the details when I return to Colorado Springs next week.

Thanks for all of your prayers this week! I definitely needed them.

Pray for me as I do an overnight flight from Denver to Louisville tomorrow! I have a wedding to attend on Saturday and then will be back in the Springs on Sunday evening.

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