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Check out Michael and Shannon Primicerio have created a Web site based on their new book Life. Now. where they address 10 obstacles we all face when trying to achieve our dreams. I met Michael and Shannon on a Brio missions trip to Peru where they participated as team leaders. They’ve invited me to be a part of their site. Each month they’ll conduct a blog interview posted on the site about this God-adventure you’ve joined me on (look in the 20-somethings section).

i got a job!!
Today I went in to talk with Sharon from Magazine Training International and left with a flexible and temporary job that will work with my traveling and fundraising schedule over the next year. The organization is missions based and used to be located in Vienna, Austria. They train Christian magazine publishers in Europe and Asia in a variety of areas to make their publications excellent. Editors and designers from well-known Christian publications like Christianity Today travel overseas to help conduct these training sessions about three or four times a year. I think I have a a lot to learn through this job experience, even if it is mostly administrative. I see the way God continues to build on where I’ve been to prepare me for where I’m going. If you’re interested check out

Have a great rest of your week!

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