celebrating 28!

Brandon (“Clem”), Jess, Tra’Cee and me at The Omelette Parlor in Colorado Springs.

Yesterday I celebrated the big 2-8. It’s strange because usually my celebrations consist of Ginger Ale and airplane food (when you get food). But this year I wasn’t in flight for my birthday celebration. Last year I headed to Australia/New Zealand on July 29 and arrived for three hours of my July 30th birthday. That’s definitely the shortest birthday I’ve ever had.

This year I started the morning with a birthday breakfast at The Omelette Parlor in Colorado Springs. Then Tra’Cee and I spent the rest of the day in Denver at some of my favorite spots: Mile High Thrift store, Tattered Cover (bookstore), Caribou Coffee and Baja Fresh (a fun Mexican restaurant. Then we ended the day with a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Snow Patrol, a band from Ireland).

When we arrived home last night, my other roommate Jess had a strawberry shortcake waiting for me. I definitely felt celebrated! Thanks friends!

Jess and her masterpiece strawberry shortcake

Every year I create a list of goals and fun things I’d like to do during the course of that birth year. I can’t say that I ever complete everything on my list, but it gives me a wide variety to work toward and enjoy.

One of my major goals for this year is to get to Austria by my next birthday! My official fundraising start date is tomorrow. I’m excited and nervous and quite busy. Pray for God’s wisdom in prioritizing and balancing things. Life will continue to pick up speed as I take a Moody Bible online course beginning at the end of August through mid-December, and as I travel back to Louisville, Chicago and Nashville in the coming weeks. If you live in those areas, I’ll be calling you soon to see if we can connect.

Here are a few of my new GEM friends. We attended a fundraising boot camp in North Carolina two weeks ago. It was an intense seminar, but I still had fun being with this group. (From L to R): Dan, Michelle, Derek, Garold, Beth, me and Scott.

I’d love to hear how you are holding up now that summer is coming to a close. I can’t believe some schools start next week. Crazy!

Have a great week!

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