be still, my friend

Last week I read Psalm 46:10 a time or two, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” I’ve always read it as stop and know that God is God and that He will be exalted. But then I dug a bit deeper into the Hebrew. The Hebrew word for “still” had the definition of, “to hang limp, sink down, be feeble, to be lazy, to lower, to abandon, withdraw, slothful.” And the Hebrew word for “know” meant: “recognize and understand in an intimate/sexual way.”

Now take those definitions and read the verse again. Be limp, abandon your ways, withdraw to Me, allow yourself to sink down and be feeble, be slothful in My hands. Be intimate with Me. Know me in a deep, personal way as a husband and wife know each other.

God desires us to stop and be vulnerable. The moments I think I’m getting closer to knowing Him I realize there are still more layers I allow between Him and I. He’s slowly stripping away those layers and revealing myself — raw and real. And in those moments I recognize how much more I need Him.

this week
August is here and I’ve officially started fundraising. Funny thing, is even with all my plans and scheduling things have progressed at quite a different pace, a slower one. I had to laugh when I finished my first official day of fundraising with nothing completed.

Tonight I go before the Pulpit Rock Church (my CO church) missions committee and share what God has been up to since I left for Austria last fall. Pray for this meeting and for wisdom and discernment among the committee as they see ways we can team up in the future. The fiscal year for 2007-2008 has already been budgeted, which means financially their support couldn’t begin until next summer, and then I’m not sure where I would be on the list of receiving that support. But I have to remind myself that I serve and love and know that a BIG God has called me to this moment. I have to trust that He has already made those provisions in His timing.

Pray that I’d remain on my knees every day. I have to remain limp in His hands, not just when it comes to missions and this next adventure, but in every detail and aspect of my life. I pray that you would too and together we’d come to know Him in a deep, intimate way.

I thank God for you!! Have a great Tuesday!

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