eating eggs early

On Saturday I had the privilege to enjoy breakfast (yes, I went back to The Omelette Parlor) with four out of the five girls I had in my high school small group before I left for Austria. This week they will begin college (either their first or second year). They kept asking who decided on an 8 a.m. breakfast on a Saturday. I told them I did because I figured they wouldn’t be busy that early. *smile*

Marissa, Kara, Lauren and Emily (We missed you Ashley!)

We had a wonderful time of catching up, laughing and sharing plans for the future. Being with them is a great reminder of the purpose God has placed on my life to invest in youth. I know this investment will look different when I get to Austria. But I believe somehow God will build on what I’ve learned and stretch me even more. To connect with them doesn’t necessarily mean I fit in with their styles or culture, although I am mistaken for an 18 year old often. Many times connecting with them simply means being available and being real.

Here’s a YouTube movie of a bunch of pictures I took out in front of The Omelette Parlor.

broken record
Don’t you hate it when you get a skip on a CD. You hear that one note or lyrical phrase over and over and over again. You may have even thought, “Come on already, and get to the next part.”

This week that has been true of my mind. I’ve been stuck on this one sour note and these lyrical phrases that are lies about who I am, what I think people think and all that makes up what I categorize as significance. I realize how much I rely on people to fill that emptiness inside. I glow at their affirmation and encouragement. But then it runs out. I get excited when I “do” something right. But then I fail. The song plays and then it gets stuck on this one part. The more I hear it the more I believe it.

It’s time for a new song.

“What you’re after is truth from the inside out.
Enter me, then; conceive a new, true life” (Psalm 51:6, The Message).

Pray for my heart and that I’d allow God’s Truth to saturate every part.

flying your way
I’m in the process of contacting those of you who live in Louisville, Chicagoland, Nashville and a few surrounding areas. I’ll be in town August 24-September 5 and can’t wait to share what God’s up to and how you can continue to be a part of my team.

Pray for this first fundraising trip: for safety, the right number of appointments and that I’d be open to what He wants my schedule to look like. Who knows what unexpected meetings or blessings could come?! I’m so thankful I serve a God who is much bigger than the numbers. I can’t wait to sit down with each of you and share.

Have a great week!

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