one week and three states later

flying from Denver to Louisville

On Sunday around 8 p.m., Dad and I pulled into the driveway back in Charlestown, Indiana (Louisville area). We started driving on Wednesday afternoon right after he had finished his school day. In four and a half days we managed to drive from Indiana through Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. Thanks to neighbor Brandon’s (Clem) iTrip I’ve listened to my iPod a lot!

This first part of my trip gained me enough special gift support to supply me with the computer I need to take to Austria. Praise God!! I’ve gained a few monthly supporters as well. God never ceases to surprise me with how He’s already working and preparing hearts. I’m excited about the team He’s rallying together.

Today begins the other half of my journey. I’m borrowing my dad’s car for a while, along with a mattress warmer to go on my bed in Colorado Springs and a small space heater. *smile*

The next part of my journey includes Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. I get to see a few Brio missions friends that I didn’t get to see this summer. I’m quite excited about that! It looks like I’ll be driving through rainy Indiana and Kentucky this morning. Maybe I’ll hit some sunshine as I keep driving south. Pray for safety on the roads! I’ll be back in Colorado Springs by Sunday afternoon (unless somehow I get World Series tix).

Thanks to all who opened their homes, provided meals and shared in fellowship and fun! It was great to see you!

Here are some pics from the first part of this trip:

We had a family dinner on Tuesday night at Red Lobster. Need I say anymore?! I think Kaleb would’ve taken the lobster home with him if he’d been allowed.

Market Square in downtown Knoxville was the location of my first dinner appointment with the Halcombs. We had a wonderful time together. I met them on a Brio missions trip to Panama.

Northeast Tennessee in the morning. Those mountains are quite different from the Rockies, but they are still beautiful.

Dad and I stayed with the Millers while we were close to Milligan College (where I went to school). Staying there brought back so many memories of when I’d escape cafeteria food to eat with Shelby, Creola, Wendy and Whitney. Here Whitney is making brownies for dessert.

She’s an excellent chef!

We met my friend Amanda at a restaurant close to the Duke University campus. I decided that I could take a picture and buy a postcard, but anything else would go against my basketball religion. *smile*

Here are the stained-glass windows inside the Duke chapel.

In Columbia, South Carolina I spent time with my childhood friend Jen and her family. Here she is with her son Benton and his friend Brie. We spent the morning at the zoo.

Benton and Brie enjoying hanging out together. Isn’t it funny how adults get kids to show affection just so we can get cute pictures?!

This is Jen’s daughter Clara. She is wide-eyed, precious and full of personality!

Here is Benton with his grandma Kathy.

Next stop . . . Little Rock!

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