the wind comes sweeping down the plain

I discovered what they were singing about in the Oklahoma musical as I drove from Little Rock to Tulsa. It sure was windy. But I made it to Tulsa last night. I had a great time with Becca, who I know through Brio missions. She took me to the riverwalk, then we went back to her house and ate Thai food and watched a movie. This morning I had breakfast with two more Brio missions’ trip friends Scott and Mark in Bethany,OK. The evening ended in Bryan, Texas with the Bergland family and Dave and Janis Greeno. We had excellent guacamole with our fajitas. *smile* We also had lots of laughs and lots of fun! It’s been great to see so many people I didn’t get to see this summer in Peru. Tomorrow morning I’m heading to Amarillo to spend a couple more days in Texas with the Abernathys. Thank you for your prayers as I continue to cross the country. God has blessed me in so many ways. Have a great Friday!

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