community and karaoke

I pulled into Colorado Springs yesterday afternoon. I was ready for my regular routine, but at the same time I started to enjoy time out on the open road. I realized that the community I have in my life is spread throughout the country. That can be hard sometimes. I wish I could have all of you here in the Springs! But it’s good to know that you’re still there even when we can’t see each other every day.

As I drove to work this morning (isn’t that great?!) I listened to a song by Ginny Owens called “New Song.” God has called me to sing a new song, but I’m not sure how to sing along. I’m in that terrible karaoke phase. Stumbling my way through the lyrics and tune. Part of me is still hanging on to the song I sang when I was in Colorado Springs before, working for Focus and hanging out with youth at Pulpit Rock. I can’t sing both. I need to let go of the first and boldly belt the new song He has given me. Pray that God will teach me how to really sing this new song. And pray for the ears of those who have been listening to me try to sing lately. *smile*

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