I sat down to start writing this e-mail and opened the curtains to my bedroom window to discover an amazing sunset. There is nothing like seeing the orange and red and purplish tones with the silhouette of the mountains. You know when you see pictures and you’re not sure whether you should run and try to capture it or simply stand in awe and enjoy it?! Well, that’s how I felt. So, I ran. These are the moments I wished the street I lived on wasn’t so busy so I could get a better view standing in the middle. But instead of risking my life I took pictures from my window, the third floor window and then walked outside to the front lawn to see what I could capture.

Captured would be a good word for this weekend. As many of you know, this past weekend I set aside three days to seek God’s face, be on my knees and delight in His presence. Thank you for those of you who joined me in prayer this weekend. Your prayers were felt. I began my journey this weekend at a local coffee shop sipping on some hot apple cider. When the server brought me the mug of hot sweetness I couldn’t help but take in the aroma. The scripture that immediately came to mind was 2 Corinthians 2:14, “But thanks be to God who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him.” In Roman times there would be a triumphal procession down the center of town to show off the treasures and captives gained in battle. I sensed that God was saying to me, “Krishana, I want you to take a triumphal procession in Christ. It means I want you to take captives and display the treasures I’ve given you.” And that’s where my journey began on Friday afternoon. There were things in my life that needed to be captured, not on film, but under the authority of Christ, and yet I also needed to be captured in the presence of my God.

On Saturday I had this amazing prayer room all to myself for the whole morning. As I came through the time of confession it led into a time of worship and thanksgiving. God reminded me of when I was eight or nine years old and would play records in our basement and make up dances. I sort of snickered at the memory, and heard the soft voice, “What are you waiting for?” I had my iPod and listened to some of my favorite worship songs and just danced, like I had when I was young. Acting like I was this amazing dancer, for the eyes of my Abba. I’m sure I had Him laughing because I was. I had so much fun with God that day.

Yesterday, it finally came time to really ask, seek and knock. Funny that this is exactly what the pastor at my church talked about. There had been times earlier in the weekend where I felt a tension between taking the time for asking and simply enjoying God. I was enjoying God so much that everything I needed to ask Him for was so small in comparison to being in His presence. That’s why I didn’t even get to asking until Sunday.

The verse that stuck out during this asking time was James 4:2, ” . . .You do not have, because you do not ask God.” To be quite honest with you, I haven’t been on my knees enough about going to Austria, about raising support and simply enjoying the God who has called me to such an adventure. Even if He took all of this adventure away, it would still be an adventure to love and serve Him. That’s something that stuck with me this weekend. I don’t have to have a platform or HUGE dream or travel to the other side of the ocean to have purpose. If I’m loving God right here in Colorado Springs then that’s enough.

I am so excited about the doors God is going to open this month and in the new year. I am committing to regular prayer and fasting that God will release the finances needed to be able to attend the six-weeks of pre-field training in North Carolina at the end of May. That means I have to be at 80 percent of my support by that time. Being at about 10-12 percent right now means there is a long road ahead. But I don’t serve a small God. Join with me in prayer that He will guide and provide and that what is asked is given as according to His will.

Visa- it’s everywhere you want to be
Yep, it’s time to begin my pursuit of an Austrian visa. I will need to apply in person in Los Angeles during the first weeks of January. If any of you have any contacts in the downtown L.A. area, close to LAX, etc. then let me know. It’s going to be a quick trip, but it would be nice to stay with someone and save money than get a hotel room. Pray that this trip would come together, that I would get all of my application documents in order and that God would provide what I need to head to Austria.

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season! I know I am. Soak it in. Listen to Christmas songs, sit by the light of your Christmas tree and enjoy the time you have with the people you love.


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  1. OH, how very, very good. How I would like to dance alone before God as I did as a child. It would be REALLY important for me to be alone, ’cause I’m just too old and squatty for anybody but the Lord to find my moves delightful!!!Really, how wonderful to have had that time. We are journeying on a parallel road, and know the emotional difficulties of the transition (you’ll learn more about that when you train). It is legitimate. . . the stress, the emotional climbing and dipping. You’re a bonafide normal missionary. ; ) And I’m an expert, you know. (tee hee hee hee)Love,Tara

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