a sad Sunday in Colorado

As you have probably heard from the national news there were two shootings within 12 hours of each other in Colorado. One at the YWAM base in Denver and the other here in Colorado Springs at New Life Church.

I was eating lunch with a family who lives about 6 minutes from the New Life campus when I found out about the local shooting. Their daughter had left that parking lot five minutes before the shootings took place to come home for lunch because I was coming over. She brought a friend with her and they received text messages from other friends who had heard what had happened. They began calling everyone in their cell phone contact list to see where their friends were. One boy they talked to was hiding in the church and heard the gunman down the hall. He got out safely with a group of people through an emergency exit. Many were in the World Prayer Center under lock-down, the location of my God-time last weekend. Now that’s a little too close to home.

I’m thankful that the people I knew were safe, but I hurt for those families who lost loved ones yesterday. Having attended a YWAM discipleship training school I can’t imagine what those groups must be experiencing right now having lost some of their own. Please pray for YWAM Denver, New Life Church and the families who were affected.


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