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It’s back to the blog routine. I know I am excited to share what God is up to and I hope you are excited to receive Tandem Living e-mails once again. It’s hard to believe January is almost over. I feel like I just got started with realizing it’s a new year. I arrived back in Colorado Springs on January 1 and finally slowed down last week. I acquired a terrible head cold while visiting my family and brought it back with me from Indiana. It took me two weeks to get rid of it. But I guess the down-time allowed me to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy with my dad, while I was there.

As you know, a week after I got back I traveled to L.A. for the day to apply for an Austrian visa. The process went smoothly and I met some interesting people along the way. Once I was back in town I finished packing up my room, storing some items and prepared to move to north Colorado Springs. I moved in with the Gillott family on January 12 (but I still have the same mailing address). Their oldest daughter was in my high school small group, but now is a sophomore in college. I am living with them for now so I can spend more time support-raising and less time having to work a part-time job. Their generosity is overwhelming.

Vor Dir fallen meine Masken ab
(before You, my mask falls)

Here is Kaleb having fun with a New Year’s Eve party favor.

My independent study of the German language has begun. I am working through the Rosetta Stone language study CD, listening to audio German lessons and playing an Austrian worship CD in my car. [Toolbox] is a worship band that I met while in the country in 2006. They played at many youth events my classmates and I attended. We were given a free CD, so now I am putting that to good use. I’m trying to understand what the songs are about. The recent song I’ve been working on is “Vor Dir.”

Vor Dir means “before you.” When you think about it, when we’re before God so many things change. The song mentions that our hearts find rest, our wounds are healed and our masks fall.
In the context of my life, I have to ask myself if I live before God or before other people, tasks, and things I think will bring me self-worth. But wants my mask to fall.

A big mask I hold up to my face is one that tries to hide myself from failing. I’m not sure any of us are ever good at failing. But in my head I think it has built a fortress, as if failing would be the end of the world. When in actuality, I am already a failure. There is nothing I can do to try to get to Austria and serve youth on my own. Even if I were to make it with the my own steam I would have already lost the purpose of this entire adventure: for God’s glory.

I pray and ask you to join me in praying that no matter what, God would get the glory. He only continues to confirm that Austria is where He wants me. But I’m just not sure about His timing. I am at about 15% of my monthly support. I ask that you to join me in praying that the churches I am pursuing would be willing to take me on and walk alongside me on a monthly basis. Pray for creativity and networking as I need to add more monthly supporters to my team.

Thank you to those of you who are already a faithful team member. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

some of my favorite moments

Here is my family at Christmas time. My parents recently added two additional members to our family, Lucy and Ethel their new puppies. We had a wonderful time celebrating Christ’s birth together.
My cousin Charly got married on New Year’s Eve and I was able to snag a dance with my grandpa, who I call Poppy. Isn’t he handsome?! He’s a much better dancer than I.

I know the Super Bowl is coming up, but in my heart it is the beginning of basketball season. My Uncle Kevin gave me the opportunity to attend a couple of University of Louisville basketball games while I was in town. I had a blast!

I hope you are making many moments with your family in this new year! Take a few pics and send me some via e-mail or snail mail, to share your moments. And let me know how I can be praying for you.


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