This morning my thoughts immediately went to Punxsutawney Phil. Did he see his shadow? Will there be six more weeks of winter? Well in Colorado, winter doesn’t end until at least the beginning of April, so his weather report doesn’t affect my world. It’s just good to know there will be other towns across the U.S. that will also experience the winter cold as I will for at least six more weeks.

” . . . He has hidden me in the shadow of His hand” (Isaiah 49:2). When Phil sees his shadow or someone says he is in the shadows it usually means a negative thing, a confused, dark and lonely place. But there has to be a cause for the shadow.

There have been many moments during this journey toward Austria that I have been in the shadow. I may have felt lonely, confused or discouraged, but this week God reminded me that I am covered by the shadow of His hand. His hands are involved in every part of this process, when things seem stagnant and when circumstances are great. I have to trust Him in the shadow and allow myself to be covered by Him.

This week God overwhelmed me with His provision. So much so that I can’t keep up with all the thank-you notes. God is moving and I give Him all the glory for how He is showing up. My monthly support percentage continues to increase and I am almost at 25%. That is amazing! I haven’t given up on my goal to attend the summer training in North Carolina. That would mean I’d have to be at 80% by this spring. Yes, in reality it seems impossible. But when God wants to move and lead, He will. Please continue to pray for church support and a group of upcoming appointments I’ll schedule this week.

I am blessed to share in this adventure with you!

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