dents and distractions

Do you ever find that when you’re in the middle of a journey with God that some of the most random things happen to try and distract you? Since October the distractions I’ve mostly dealt with have been with my dad’s Toyota Corolla. I am so blessed to have a car and am thankful despite all the mishaps. But let me bring you into my car-issues world so you can have a good laugh too.

As I drove across the country in October, from Indiana to Colorado, a woman backed into the front of my car in a Subway parking lot. I was simply enjoying a break from driving, eating my 6-inch Italian BMT, and had to drop my sandwich to honk my horn. Now my dad has a new front end of his car, for free.

While the car was in the body shop a worker noticed my check engine light was on. I went to have that checked out and found out it was a computer issue for a part that does need to be replaced eventually, but not urgently replaced. That part will be fixed next month.

Before Christmas I took a quick road trip to New Mexico, when unknown to me a rock hit my windshield, down by the wiper blades. Three days later I got in my car to leave for work and noticed a crack that had quickly spread across the windshield. Now my dad has a new windshield, for a decent price thanks to my insurance company.

On Thursday I went out to my car and noticed that I was missing a hubcap. Then I noticed a dent. How in the world did that happen?! I don’t remember hitting something or losing a hubcap.

My mom asked me, “Does the car still run?” That’s a great perspective! Yes, it still gets me from point A to B. And right now that’s the most important factor.

I am the type of person who likes to have things in place, fixed and taken care of as soon as possible. But maybe through these situations I my need to learn flexibility and not allow the minor things to take away from my major responsibilities, tasks and focus

What are those minors that are screaming for attention that need to be put aside for the most importants? That’s something I hope to live out this week!

I head to Nebraska this Friday to visit friends. I’ve nominated Suzanne’s car for our road trip vehicle. Why take the risk?! 🙂

Have a great week!

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