definitely comedy with a kick

The Stick Horses in Pants gave a phenomenal show on Friday night. I wish everyone could have come. Even they laughed at the way some sketches and games turned out. I’m happy to report that $800 was raised as a result of the event. Thank you to all who attended and enjoyed the yummy dessert. No, we didn’t run out of chocolate cake.

Here’s a video of pictures taken by Karen Lopez. You’ll get an idea of what the event was like. Thanks for your prayers!

running toward the rosesOn Saturday I fly to Louisville (on Derby day!) for about a week. I’m excited to visit my family and can’t wait to squeeze my nephew Kaleb. I look forward to some downtime, but also hope to meet with a few local churches to talk about monthly support. You can pray for a church presentation I have on Wednesday night, May 7. Pray that God would move as He desires and that I would get out of the way of what He might want to do in that night.

Have a great week!

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