July is flying by

As you can see time is slipping away and I really haven’t kept up with it this summer. Welcome to the middle of July. Here’s a bit of a summer recap since I last wrote at the beginning of June.

Places I’ve been this summer:
• Fort Collins, CO to visit Lauren
• Georgetown, CO to spend July 4th with Tra’Cee
• 7-11 to get a free slurpee
• Sky Sox baseball game
• Outside enjoying Colorado Springs’ parks
• Palmer Lake, CO to get my hair cut
• Denver, CO to hang out with friends downtown
• On the Santa Fe trail running with Suzanne (we’re training for a half-marathon)
• The movie theater to watch Indiana Jones, Get Smart and Kung Fu Panda• King Soopers (the grocery store) to buy lots of spinach, strawberries, feta cheese, bacon, almonds and poppy seed dressing
Photos from a Denver sidewalk chalk display and July 4th in Georgetown, Colorado (which was a fun small-town July4th celebration):

What I’ve been reading: I’m still making my way through the Zion Covenant fiction series. I’m reading Prague Counterpoint.

Working on:
Tomorrow is actually my last day at my part-time job with Magazine Training International. I’ve been there for more than a year as an admin assistant and the time has come to move forward. I’m taking almost three weeks to rest and relax and then will look into another job possibility that has come up in Colorado Springs, while also using more time to raise support.

Support raising is rather slow this summer. Or I guess I can say it’s been slow for the last few months. I struggle and battle with my own expectations, others’ expectations and the unknowns of what God is up to. I really and truly wish I could say that I’ve moved in my support raising percentage, but honestly I’ve moved only a couple of percents. There is a lot of waiting involved when it comes to pursuing church support and that’s what I’ve been doing a lot of lately. Thank you for your constant prayers, support and encouragement.

introducing my new home

I’m quite excited to announce that my new home (www.tandemliving.org) on the Web is up and running. Check it out and pass the Web site along. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

A friend of a friend loaned me the tandem bike for a few hours and my friend Sally was willing to use her photography skills to get some great photos. As you can see, I chopped my hair. I’ll be using these photos for my new prayer cards and magnets (coming soon!) The tandem living story continues.

I hope you’re having a great middle of July! Let me know how I can be praying for you. Glad to have you join in the journey.


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