a harvest in me

Fall is a season of change in many ways. It can be hard and beautiful, when referring to the change that goes on in our own lives. I’ve seen change in my own life, not just that I’m physically moving in a few weeks, but in my heart. God has planted these seeds of faith, multiple seeds, that He is growing and harvesting in my life. As you know, faith doesn’t grow quite as much in the easy times, as it does in the most difficult times. For me, this is right now, when I look up to the sky and say, “Why do you have me here?” And “here” is such a loaded word. Ever feel like that?
But the here and now is exactly where He must want me. And every day I’m trying to choose to say “blessed be His name.” This is not an easy thing to say, but it sure does put life in perspective.

the harvest is here

Friends, I’m overwhelmed with God. Again and again He continues to remind me of His goodness, faithfulness and that “Nothing is too hard for [Him]” (Jeremiah 32:17). I picture all of these seeds that have been planted, not only in the hearts of those here in the U.S., but having no idea what He is doing and planting in Austria. God is at work and His harvest is here once again. He is moving in the hearts of people and more supporters are trickling in. Thank you for those God has planted seeds and you are seeing Him harvest this opportunity in your life.

an upcoming timeline of prayer
Oh, I can sure have my plans, but God is the one who orchestrates it all. I ask you to join me in praying for these to take place. I do believe God wants me in Austria, and so I know that these have to take place for me to get there. I’m just not sure what His timing is in comparison to my. Yet, I appreciate your prayers all the same, and am excited to share what will really take place:

Sept. 13-Oct. 16: Sending out prayer magnets, asking supporters to share prayer needs, hoping to gather more opportunities/contacts across the U.S.

Pray that God will bring in and multiply the number of those He’s leading to this ministry, especially among churches. Pray that as I have conversations with supporters that God will be the center of those conversations and that opportunities will be prepared and in the works for when I get back to Indiana/Kentucky.

Pray that these next few weeks in Colorado would be sweet. Pray that I would take one day at a time and really enjoy the here and now. Pray that opportunities and memories with friends would be had and that timing/schedules wouldn’t get in the way of that.

October 5: It’s not set in stone, but I’m hoping to commissioned by my home church (Pulpit Rock) here in Colorado Springs. Pray that this will happen and that it will come together soon.

I’m also having a Goodbye Party/ Open House this day for those of you in Colorado Springs. For more details, just e-mail me.

October 16-19: Finishing the packing and driving back to Indiana/Kentucky

January 15: An estimated date of when I’d like to register for February 2009 training at CIT. Pray that God would bring in the support and supporters need, both on an individual and church-basis so I’m able to attend training. I have to be fairly close to fully supported to attend.

February 11: The day that February training begins. Pray that I can be a part of this journey in Union Mills, NC.

God is all about one step at a time. And here are about 125 steps or more for your prayers. Ultimately, pray that God’s purposes and desires will be done in and through my life. I don’t know what this journey will continue to look like, but I get more excited every day.

May God fill us with His peace and joy in the journey! Thanks for walking these steps with me!

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