pumpkins, wedding parties and packing

I’m in my last few days in the Springs and embracing moments of laughter and tears. Here are some photos from these fun moments. On Friday I went to a pumpkin carving party which is a strong tradition with my friends in Colorado Springs. The Gillotts joined us this year (the family I live with). And they have a tradition to also carve watermelons.

Mark and Joyce Gillott

Mark is serious about carving his watermelon.

Mark’s finished product

Lauren’s finished watermelon. It says “watermelon” in Arabic.

Joyce’s beautiful, flower-patterned pumpkin.

Pumpkins I carved. Tra’Cee decided she didn’t want to carve her pumpkin, so I finished it for her. Her pumpkin is on the left and mine on the right. Do you love the contrast of emotions?

All of the glowing pumpkins and watermelons on the front porch.

On Sunday Michelle Ramsey became Michelle Hought. I had Michelle in my high school small group for a year and then we met one-on-one to discuss life and train for running races, like the 10-mile Garden of the Gods run. I had such a fun time being with her family and friends that I know from being a youth leader at Pulpit Rock. That 4-year season as a youth leader was one of my favorite seasons here in Colorado Springs. There is nothing like seeing these students, other youth leaders and I have invested in, lead lives in devotion to God whether that is through marriage, missions, their careers, decisions and hearts.

Michelle, her niece (flower girl) and me

Tra’Cee and Teresa

Sam Stidham (another one of our students getting married next summer) and Tra’Cee out on the dance floor.

Tra’Cee enjoys interpretive dance during slow songs.

Tara caught the bouquet.

Tara and I pose for a picture.

John enjoyed taking pictures of me taking pictures.

Sam and I quickly pose for a photo before Tra’Cee tries to join us. Sam’s nickname for me is Mighty Mouse.

Tra’Cee and Brandon (aka “Clem”) enjoying a dance.

The girls! We had a great time celebrating Michelle’s marriage. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of Michelle and Matt together. But here’s one that I took at Garden of the Gods for their engagement photos.

Congratulations Matt and Michelle!

Yesterday was a long day of moving. I don’t have a ton of stuff, but enough to need some help loading a relocation cube that will make it’s way to Indiana in the next few days. I was thankful for my moving helpers Brandon (Clem), Grace and Abe. They made the job look easy.

Items I still need to fit in my car before Friday.

Loading the truck with tubs and furniture to take to the trucking terminal where we loaded the relocation cube.

Brandon and Abe playing a very physical version of Tetris as they position items in the cube.

The actual physical transition of moving items and leaving Colorado has been really smooth. I can’t complain! Pray that my heart will make a smooth transition as well. I have moments where I cry and just try to embrace the tears that I have in leaving those I love here. I tend to stuff my emotions, but I’m working on letting them out now. I have been so blessed by this Colorado season. Thank you to everyone who has lived in Colorado while I’ve been here and made it such a wonderful and memorable time. I love you all!

The next post will be from the Hoosier state. I’ll try to share those pictures and fun road trip stories with you the week of October 20.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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