a skunk, camping and politics

Many of you have asked how the first seven days have gone in this 100% in 100 days. Well, most of last week I was fighting a virus and had a sore throat. I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. I think it was a much needed, forced rest. Do you ever have those?

But God doesn’t grow weary and He’s been working while I’ve been resting. He has already brought me a contact interested in joining my support team (out of the blue) within my first week of being back in Indiana. Praise God! Continue to join me in prayer as I try to make new contacts through my local church, especially through people I already know.

Here are some photos from my first two weeks involving a skunk, camping and politics. Enjoy!

Kaleb was the skunk for Halloween. The back side of his costume had a heart patch that I think said “Lil’ Stinker.”

On a rainy night in Indiana, Kaleb and I had an indoor campout including hot dogs, s’mores, and sleeping in a tent. He had a blast! Next time we’ll take it to the backyard, and then maybe an actual campsite.

Spider-Man pajamas are a must for camping!

Last week Sarah Palin came to Jeffersonville, Indiana and I was able to attend her rally. Please join me in prayer about tomorrow’s election day and the future of our country.

Have a wonderful week!

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