giving God my clock

Welcome to day number 22 in this journey toward 100% funding in 100 days. I am so thankful for each of you and your prayers. I don’t take for granted your time in prayer for this ministry. Thank you!

As I begin week four, it’s hard to believe I’ve been in Indiana for almost a month. The time goes by so fast. During these three weeks I experienced forced rest through being sick, caught up with some good friends, saw Madagascar 2 with Kaleb!, became a youth leader at my church, attended a missions conference and even dog- , cat- and house-sat. It’s nice to have a Monday where I can inhale and exhale without a sore throat or preparing to run out the door to go somewhere.

I’ve had many times during these weeks where I felt as if I hold this ticking clock, so focused on the amount of time I have left to get the funds needed to go to training in February, and to go to Austria in the spring. The clock is heavy, and the ticking is loud. However, God has emphasized to me that His ways are so different from mine. He’s asked me to give Him my alarm clock over and over again. (Yes, I give it and then sometimes grab it again. Do you do that?) I like to feel in control. But when I think I’m in control I only feel stressed because in my strength finding $2300 of monthly support is too big and overwhelming.

Instead God is teaching me a different rhythm than the ticking of that clock. I’m learning the rhythm of God’s grace and movement in my life. I love this sound! It’s the kind of sound you can’t help but get excited about. It’s a beat that resonates in your soul and makes you want to do more than tap your feet. It’s the beat of God’s heart for the world!

My prayer is that you will experience God’s rhythm this week. Don’t miss His heartbeat in your life and the lives around you. I’ve found in the last few weeks that if I will stop long enough to listen and watch I can’t help but find His rhythm.

bragging on God
Many of you have asked how the economy is impacting my support-raising adventure, and especially the 100% in 100 days. Well, let me just tell you that my God is BIG and this crisis is the backdrop for Him to show off. In the last three weeks I’ve gained a handful of monthly supporters who don’t even live in Indiana as well as about $3,000 in special gifts. Wow!

Also, God has led me to some key people who will help me support raise in Indiana. I have an important appointment later this week that could lead to more contacts. Please pray that God would lead our conversation and He would give me the words to cast the vision of His heart for Austria.

Beyond the support-raising adventure I’ve been blessed to hang out with a group of teens from my church on Sunday nights. I attend a mega-church in Louisville, Kentucky and they are now starting a satellite campus in southern Indiana. The southern Indiana campus youth group has just begun and the youth pastor has been great to let me jump in even though I know Austria awaits me soon. Hanging with them once a week is a great reminder of my passion for teens. I leave so joyful!

These are reminders that I’m where God wants me to be! Join me in thanking God for being the Ultimate Provider.

New Year’s Eve in Vienna
This year I’ll begin 2009 in Vienna, Austria. No, I’m not moving in December, but I am taking a trip to apply (once again) for my visa. If you recall, I traveled to “L.A. for a day” to apply for my visa last January. My paperwork arrived in Austria around January 21 and the allotted amount of visas given for 2008 were all taken.

This year the Greater Europe Mission team in Vienna suggested I come there to apply. On January 2 I will stand in line in Vienna (the first day the office is open) to submit my visa paperwork. I hear there may be many people in line with me and it will probably be quite cold. *smile* Pray that this process would continue to go smoothly. I can already give you a praise that my passport which was scheduled to expire in January 2009 has been renewed and received this past weekend. It only took three weeks to get a new one! Praise God!

While I’m in Vienna I get to attend a staff retreat and I’m sure be freshly reminded of God’s heart for Austria and my part in that mission. I’ll also have the opportunity to take photos and share more stories with you about what God is up to there. Please join me in prayer about this trip and what God desires to do through it. The dates are December 30 through January 10.

I’ll have more photos next time. Thanks for reading this word-filled post. May you have a blessed week!

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