i’m here!

Yesterday (New Year’s Eve) I made it to Vienna with no delays. However my luggage decided to spend New Year’s Eve in Paris. I didn’t receive it until 7pm today (New Year’s Day). But I did get it and they didn’t take the fudge I packed in it. I thought that would be the first thing they would snag. There is something somewhat familiar and homey in coming back here. I’m staying with a GEM missionary and have the opportunity to ask a ton of questions and hear her stories. Tomorrow I have to be at the building to apply for my visa at 7 a.m. Which is the time when most of you will be sleeping. So if God wakes you in the middle of the night to pray, it may be for me, making sure I catch all the right public transportation stops to get there. I hope you’re having a great first day of January! More later . . . and with photos.

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  1. Good luck. I’ll be thinking of you. I go to renew my visa tomorrow to! Hah! Mine doesn’t actually expire until Jan. 4 but when I called to make an appt. to have it renewed, they asked me to come in tomorrow. Enjoy your trip! Kris

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