are you hanging on?

Hopefully this week, you received a postcard with this picture on it! If not let me know and I’ll make sure to mail one. When I wrote this postcard at the beginning of March I had no idea what God would do the week I sent them out. In the last two days I’ve had two amazing financial support members join the team. One couple will share their story in an upcoming blog and the other is one of the three churches I asked you to pray about. Will you join me in praising God for reaching the 70% mile-marker?! Join me in clapping, shouting and seriously jumping up and down!! (Really, will you join me in those things?) This team is all about giving God the glory and we shouldn’t do it half-hearted. *smile*

wanted: a push to the top

Friends, in each step we’re nearing 100%! Thank you for your prayers, your encouragement and your generosity!

Will you join me in praying and believing God for summer training? My practical and realistic eyes don’t see how in the world I can gain $1,150 of monthly support to attend in the next three or four weeks. That could be approximately 12 people who decide to join the team at $100/month. Let’s believe God! He can do it! We have nothing to lose, but erring on the side of faith!

Here are some other ways you can help:

If you’re in the Louisville area, do you have a Sunday school class, small group or Bible study that would allow me to come share?

Do you know someone who might be interested in getting involved with this ministry and wants to learn more face-to-face or over the phone?

And if you’re reading this and haven’t joined yourself maybe God is nudging your heart in that direction. Check out for more information, including my contact info.

Just think team, this might be the last big push! Are you in?

Have a blessed Easter!

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  1. I have clapped my hands and shouted some Hallelujahs but my knees say “Think again!” about the jumping up and down. Does bouncing in my chair count? Your postcard had just arrived today and I prayed that your support was coming along. Love you, Shell

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