it was hot . . . but I finished

Last Saturday I completed the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville. I’m sure glad it’s over! Running is always a great reminder of perseverance, even when life feels uphill both ways. In the race I did on Saturday they put some significant uphills around mile 11 and 12. Ugh! I wasn’t going to give up, but I did slow down. That can parallel with this journey to Austria. Believe me, I’m not giving up or giving in, but sometimes in the struggle I slow down. I covet your prayers for God’s provision, strength and the joy that comes from His peace.

Then as I turned the bend and saw the finish line I heard someone shout my name. I had a feeling it was really someone I knew because there aren’t many Krishanas in the world. I looked up and saw my friend Whitney and her mom shouting. I can’t tell you how that gave me a push to the end. I was so done at that point in the race, but when I crossed the finish line I wanted to cry because I knew the support of my friends shouting had pushed me to the end. In this journey, thank you for your encouragement, scriptures and shout-outs. I can’t express how much they push me to keep going.

We must not give up; we must keep going! Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “it was hot . . . but I finished

  1. I just checked your blog today, April 2. Funny that just yesterday as I was jogging I thought of you an wondered if you had run in any races this spring. Then I see tonight that you have! Way to go!

    I enjoy a variety of exercises – but running a half-marathon hasn’t made it on my list. I wouldn’t even know how to start training for such a race.

    But I remember the uphills when it came to my raising support. Let me know if you want a phone call.

    Kris – GEM Portugal

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