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In this economy you constantly hear about $1 menus and $1 deals. Well, let me share a photo of this vintage camera bag I found at a Breckenridge, CO thrift store for . . . yes, one dollar.

Sometimes I still think of my life in semesters. “This semester” I took two classes. One was called Bridges which focuses on building relationships with the Muslim community.

This week I’m finishing up my last online German class. I had a little extra tax refund money that came in and decided to use it to scratch the surface of the German language. Can you believe that you can take online German classes through Skype? I still have so much to learn, but this gave me a great beginning for learning the heart language of Austria.

The calendar of June is beginning to fill up! This is a great praise to God for these upcoming opportunities. Will you join me in prayer about these?! Especially the one that’s happening tomorrow (Wednesday, June 10).

upcoming opportunities:
May 7 – Yes, this date has already passed, but this was when I gave a presentation to a local church about monthly support. I’ve tried to follow-up with them, but am met with unanswered phone calls and e-mails. Pray that this church will come on board if it is God’s will. And even if they are unable to join the team that they would contact me soon.

June 10 – dessert/presentation night for youth leaders of Southeast Christian (Indiana). Please pray for the details of the event and that God will lead people to come. The original host for this event is sick, so plans have to be changed today (Tuesday). There will be some scrambling involved, but maybe that’s just a reminder that God is much more in control of all of this than I am. Also please pray for Tammy who is sick and that God would completely heal her body.

June 14 and June 21 – speaking for 10 minutes at two Adult Bible Fellowship classes (one each Sunday) at my church’s main campus. Pray that God will nudge the hearts of people in both of these classes, so more contacts may be made.

September 9 – this is the date training begins. I have to be at 90% of my monthly support before I can attend. Join me in praying for God to open the door for me to head to North Carolina from September 9 through mid-November. This would be a huge step! Right now I’m at 70% of my monthly funding.


I’m so grateful for your prayers and support. Here are some of the Christmas cards you sent me. I keep them together so I can be reminded to pray for you. You, my friend, are one of my favorite things. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing in Austria even before you get those first-hand stories and pictures. Thank you for the step of faith and sacrifice you’ve made.

Know that you are just as important if not more important to this team than I am. It may not seem like that since I’m making the physical move. But you are moving in BIG ways, you are making mountains move through prayer and generosity and faith and love and encouragement and compassion. Thank you for loving God and giving to Him!

Have a great week!

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