what a difference a year makes

“Don’t let go of me doc!”

On October 19, 2008 I arrived back to the Kentuckiana area knowing this was the next step toward Austria, but not knowing exactly what God had for me here. On October 20, 2009 a precious baby girl was born named Khloe Rhayne Kraft who is my niece. Getting to be here for her birth is one huge blessing in the pile of blessings I’ve received since making the transition back to my hometown area from Colorado.

Nothing like having your bow fall over your eyes for a cute eye mask.

Here are some of the ways I can praise God for this waiting time here in Indiana:
• spending time with my family
• celebrating Khloe’s birth

What a great big brother!

• having themed-nights for Kaleb and making those special memories with him
• watching the news and drinking coffee in the morning with Dad
• sharing conversations and having movie nights with Mom
• building friendships through my church with families I feel like I’ve known forever
• reconnecting with my childhood friend, Erin
• serving in the high school ministry at church
• reconnecting with some of my high school and college friends
• participating in women’s Bible studies
• taking the Perspectives class (this is a HUGE blessing!!!)
• meeting a precious Filipino woman through my cleaning job
• building relationships with some young women who also share my heart for missions, even in reaching Europeans
• teaching kiddos about Jesus through MOPPETs
• watching God work in unexpected ways
• knowing the Holy Spirit is working and has been working on me when I respond to circumstances different than I had before

And these are just a few. As you know God never wastes time, and He sure hasn’t wasted this waiting time in my life.
reflecting on the fall
This fall has been quite full and some things have suffered because of that including this blog and communication with those who don’t live in this area. I apologize for not being more disciplined in keeping you in the weekly or bi-weekly loop.

Maybe you have seasons like this, but it seems like I get through a week and before I know it another week has begun. My involvement in various classes, jobs, ministry and Bible study is beginning to settle down. The reason for involving myself in so many different things was to meet more people and see how God opened doors to share about Austria. This has been true in some ways and other ways I think the opportunities have been used for my own heart work in uprooting pride, selfishness and self-righteousness.

The Perspectives class I’m about to finish on December 7 has been amazing! It’s hard to sum up this class because there is so much from the supremacy of Christ to how God is moving around the world through church planting. I’m learning to ask myself, “How can God be most glorified in this moment, situation, day, circumstance?” I would recommend all Christ-followers to take this class, whether missions is on your radar or not. Check out www.perspectives.org for a class near you (a little plug).

If you have about 10 minutes to spare check out this YouTube video produced by Willow Creek. It was used at their Leadership Summit. We watched this video in one of our classes. Powerful stuff!
Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiNBmNl88Pk

coming up…
I’ve lightened my load in December so I can be available for whatever God desires. I imagine that will include good family time, final preparations before my month-long trip to Austria in January and hopefully some unexpected opportunities to share about God’s work in Austria.

Tonight (Tuesday) I have the opportunity to share about Austria in front of our women’s Bible study large group. This includes about 60 women who meet at our Indiana campus. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will soften hearts toward this ministry and will speak through me. I’m $800 of monthly support short of going to training and $1400 of monthly support short of 100 percent.

a huge praise
On Sunday, Nov. 8 I met with another local church. Their missions’ committee invited me to share about Austria and Greater Europe Mission. Funny enough, I lost my voice Thursday evening of that week and slowly gained it back by late Saturday. I drank a lot of hot apple cider with honey in it. The presentation went well and I was encouraged by the initial response. I’m praying that this church will join my monthly support team, so please join me in praying as I wait to hear.

I’m believing God for this last bit of monthly support. I know too many times through this journey I’ve relied on my own ability to make things happen or sustain them. Sort of like, “OK God I’ve got 70 percent covered; will you take care of the last 30 percent?” God doesn’t want 30 percent of the glory, He wants it all! Pray that I’ll get out of His way and simply be that empty vessel for Him to work through. And pray that through all of these ups and downs He will get ALL of the glory.

Well, I will sign off for now, but hope to write again soon with exciting updates! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciate you joining me on this journey.

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