two weeks until Vienna

On New Year’s Day I leave for Vienna. I’ll be there for about five weeks and will apply for my visa, take a month of language school and attend the GEM Austria team retreat. Please join me in praying that this last bit of support comes in to take me to 100%. I wish I could give you definite numbers right now, but I still have some support coming in that I’m not sure of the exact amount. However, I can say that I’m approximately $200/monthly support away from February training and about $700/monthly support away from 100 percent.

If you considered joining the team and have waited to see what will happen, then now is the time. February training and May departure are becoming more and more of a reality. Pray that God will move in a mighty way!

My end of the year/Christmas letters will be coming your way right after Christmas. So look for those soon.

This year was our second time in making gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and sweet goodies. We thought a little more about structure this year and decided to use various small boxes to support our houses, like Pop-Tart boxes, small cereal boxes, etc. This worked really well.

My brother Kevin works third shift, so he was tired and held Khloe most of the time.

My dad was inspired by animal crackers and sort of created a rendition of Noah’s Ark, I think.

Here are our dogs, Lucy and Ethel! Even they are in the Christmas spirit.

This is Kaleb and Marissa’s house. Don’t you love the marshmallow snowman?! I think Kaleb did a little more eating than building.

Here is my mom’s house. She called it a Christmas shack. With the candy cane heart I decided to name it the Love Shack.

Here is Dad’s Ark. I think it’s hilarious that it has a little American flag held up by a gumdrop.

This is my house created from a Pop-Tart box. I’m happy with the way it turned out. Really colorful!

Here’s Khloe and Mom checking out the finished projects.

a few “lasts”
With Christmas break upon us, this past Sunday was my last time meeting with the high school youth ministry at Southeast Christian. I hope to Skype-in to a youth group meeting during a Sunday night in January while I’m in Vienna. Below you will see a picture of the senior girls (or at least some of them) I helped lead in a small group.

Some of the other “lasts” I had in these few weeks are ending both of my part-time jobs, seeing friends for the last time this year and quite possibly celebrating Christmas with my family in the United States (at least for a while). Pray that God will give me many more sweet moments and memories with family and friends in the next two weeks to come.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! Have a Merry Christmas!

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