my Fenster fridge

It’s snowing here as I write this post, and I know some of you are also enjoying a snow day. However my language school continues even on a snowy day because I can easily hop on the streetcar and then take the underground to the city center where my class is located.

But cold and snowy days do make for great refrigeration. My hostess puts many of her juices, mineral waters and even leftovers outside the window to keep them cold and fresh. This way you have more room in the fridge for other things. Most refrigerators here are about the size of a larger dorm room refrigerator. Here is a picture of what I have on the ledge outside my window (which we call das Fenster in German). I have a couple of juices, mineral water and a Ziploc bag with bread in it.

Here is the view from my room. The building across from where I’m staying is another apartment/flat building.

Here is a picture of my luggage which made it safely to Vienna through both Chicago and Munich. I am glad I decided not to fly through Paris this year, which made for a luggage mishap last year.

Finally, here is a photo of my room. I have a nice hostess who occasionally uses this room for guests. I’m thankful that this renting situation worked out.

Well, I’m off on an adventure to pick up a handy from some missionary friends here and then off to school. Hope you enjoy your day, whether it’s snowy or hot.

Thanks for your prayers!

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