this train is headed to February training

I selected this title in honor of my transportation video below. ha! All that to say that I have reached the percentage needed to head to February training. God is so faithful and humorous as He takes me out of the support raising equation to bring the rest of the funds needed for training.

Here is what my upcoming time-line looks like:
Jan. 12 through Jan. 29 — attend language school Monday through Friday from 2pm to 5pm
Jan. 15 through 18 — take a quick trip to Brno, Czech Republic to visit my friend Beth (who is also with GEM)
Feb. 4 through 6 — attend the GEM Austria team retreat
Feb. 7 — fly from Vienna, through Munich and Chicago to Louisville, KY
(Hoping that my parents will pick me up depending on which team is in the Super Bowl. ha!)
Feb. 8 — unpacking, laundry, dentist appointment, errands, maybe some sleep, more packing
Feb. 9 — driving with my parents for Union Mills, North Carolina
Feb. 9 through April 8 — attend pre-field training
mid- to late- May — possible departure for Austria

praises and prayer
Praise God for how he continues to provide. I tend to thank and praise Him so much more when I’m here in Vienna. I thank Him for being able to clearly communicate the smallest thing in a check-out line at the grocery, making a new friend or when I’m able to use the German language words and sentences I’m learning.

I also know that power of prayer and ask that you will continue to join me. Pray that the last $510 of monthly support needed to reach 100% will quickly come through. Pray that the German I’m learning now will really stick, and I won’t miss an opportunity to be bold and use it while I’m here right now. I’ve already made 200 flash cards and am only in my second week of language school. I need to purchase more cards! Pray that through these next few months of a crazy schedule that God will be glorified and I will only draw closer to Him through it all.

Here is a fun five minute video of some Vienna transportation. It shows me headed to and from school. My filming technique while walking isn’t great, so I hope you don’t get nauseous:

Have a great day!

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