way to go Colts!

I was excited about the Puls 4 Austrian television station last night because they broadcasted both NFL play-off games. I only stayed awake through two hours of the Colts and Jets game (which started at 9pm my time), but nonetheless I was excited. Now I’m concerned that I’ll have no one, who will slip away from the game, to pick me up at the airport when I return to the States on Superbowl Sunday.

two more weeks have passed
I can’t believe this is my last week of language school. This month is flying by! Each Sunday I’ve been able to understand a little more of the sermon. I think it’s funny that I get excited about hearing simple words like “neighbor,” “Spring” (the season), “men,” “women,” “together” in German. I have learned more than those words, but sometimes it’s hard to pick them out of a sentence when you’re listening to a fast German speaker.

Here’s a recap of the last two weeks:
Jan. 14- met with Lynette (from GEM) for coffee; I had a wonderful time chatting about anything and everything.

Jan. 15-18 – traveled to Brno and had fun with my friend, Beth. I will post a video and photos of that Czech adventure very soon.

Jan. 19 – met with two young women who teach at Vienna Christian School; ate at a Chipotle-type restaurant. I never knew they had anything like that in Vienna.

Jan. 20 – before language school, I met with two of my friends from class and we enjoyed lunch at a cafe in the Naschmarkt. We intended to study German, but instead just chatted.

Jan. 21 – met with Lisa (from GEM) for dinner; We shared a good time and lots of laughs. I look forward to learning so much from her. Then we both went to a GEM-Austria team meeting at Eric and Christy’s.

Jan. 22 – right after language school I met up with one of my former YWAM leaders for coffee. It was great to catch up with Susanne!

Jan. 23- had a sort-of alone day, which I treasured. I went to see a movie at an English cinema. A nice treat!

Jan. 24 – went to church; then met with a friend from language school for touring Austria’s National Library. She took some amazing photos which I will post soon. Good thing because I forgot my camera. πŸ˜‰ Then chatted over coffee.

As you can see when I’m not in language school a lot of my activity is about relationships. Lisa shared with me that the Austrian culture is all about relationships. And in a church it is much more about relationships than a program. Join me in praying for what moments like these will look like with my future Austrian friends both who know Jesus and those who don’t, whether they are teens or even women around my age.

my heart
The longer I’m here the more I’m humbled and in awe that God would desire to use me as this vessel here in Vienna. There are so many felt inadequacies now, and more that I’m sure will surface as time goes on. Right now I can’t even get through the check-out line at the grocery without a strange look in response to my German pronunciation, let alone share about Christ in German. πŸ˜‰

Yet, with the mix of uncertainty, I’m also excited to see what God desires to do! In this trip God has already led me to establishing relationships with some Austrians as well as immigrants from all over the world through language school. To think that He already knew who I would meet and where I would stay. And He knew that coming here to apply for my visa even before all of my support raising is complete was the right decision. I’ve also been humbled in how He has brought in the monthly support to get me to 90 percent. That shouldn’t surprise me one bit.

Join me in praising our amazing God!

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