a long Sunday ahead

Right now I’m sitting in the Vienna airport eating a muffin and sipping on a latte while I wait for my flight. Today I head back to the States, and should arrive in the middle of the Super Bowl broadcast if my flights and everything stay on schedule.

Please pray for safety in traveling as I have three flights today. Also pray that my luggage will make it to Louisville. I have to take it through customs when I arrive in the States, so that will be another opportunity to see if it made it that far. It would be really nice to have some of the clothes I packed when I arrive home so I can wash them and repack them for North Carolina.

From Thursday through Saturday I attended the GEM-Austria team retreat located close to Schneeberg, which is “Snow Mountain” in English. And it sure had some beautiful snow on it! This retreat was another great opportunity to learn from the experiences of my teammates and enjoy fellowship together. I just really enjoyed and appreciated this team of people with different personalities and in various life seasons.

There were some exciting things to take-away from these 5 weeks here in Vienna: hopefully a granted visa (but I still have to wait a bit to find out about that), a good step in language learning/using, and building relationships with both a few Austrians, language school students and the GEM Austrian team. I am curious to see how God builds upon this trip for what He desires to do in the future.

Well, I still have more photos and even a video post to share with you from this trip. I hope to work on those when I land in North Carolina. Thanks for journeying with me and for your prayers.

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