i think that overwhelming feeling is normal

It’s been 12 days since I arrived at CIT. I am happy to report that while I do have an annoying cough my health has improved. I actually had enough energy last week to set up my desk area where I can get my homework completed. So all that to say, thank you so much for your prayers and don’t stop praying. I will go back to the doctor in about two weeks to see if this is really mono or what.

CIT has felt like being thrown back in to my last semester in college. Lists of things I have to do before March 11 are staring at me on a daily basis. This is when I will have completed my first class, Equipping for Cross-Cultural Life and Ministry. Although what I have to do has purpose in helping me learn more about living cross-culturally, it can still be a little overwhelming.

We have covered so much material in just the last few days. It’s hard to know where to begin in explaining all that I’m learning. We’ve talked about personalities, learning styles, transitions, studying a culture based on physical layout of an area, differences in cultural values, cross-cultural communication, and I could go on and on.

I’ve heard that the overwhelming feeling and thoughts, How in the world will I remember and apply all of this when I get to Austria?! is normal. On top of these overwhelming thoughts and feelings there are so many emotions. While this Equipping class is going on we are also going through a study called the Heart of a Missionary. We’re examining the gospel and analyzing how we’re really living in light of this good news. To be honest, there are so many times I resonate more with a works-righteousness mentality and even activity then living in light of the gospel. I believe God wants to transform my heart even more during my time at CIT. Pray for that transformation in my life so that I may become contagious in sharing about my Jesus.

Tonight we begin an evening class about Religions in Europe with a couple from Greater Europe Mission. It’s nice to have a little piece of that GEM family here this week.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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