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Hello dear friends! I’m so blessed to have all of you praying. Thank you so much. I was hoping to have some specific information for you today so you can continue to pray, but I have only what I know from surgery.

After the 15 minute surgery (isn’t that amazing?!) they told my family that they had removed a lymph node that should normally be the size of a finger nail, but because it was enlarged it was about 2 to 3 inches or so, about a golf-ball size. At that point the pathologist on hand said from what he could tell from the tissue this was more than likely a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I was still knocked out so I wasn’t able to be in on this conversation, I only know what my family has told me.

So at this point we don’t know for sure what type of lymphoma. I called the doctor this afternoon and they said my biopsy results are still pending and will have to wait until Monday morning for those results. So, more waiting.

This is such a whirlwind considering I just arrived home from pre-field training in North Carolina a week ago today. Since then I’ve had multiple doctor appointments, a CT scan and even surgery. My emotions are up and down, as well as those of my family. I know that my Abba Father is good and that He has taken care of me and will continue to take care of me. I can’t stop trusting that. I can’t imagine going through something like this without my Abba. Pray that God will speak clearly to me through His Word. And even as God lays scriptures on your heart please pass them on.

I’m not sure how to ask you to pray. Selfishly I want God to heal me completely and have every issue with my lymph nodes disappear. I know He could do that and be glorified through that, but am not sure yet how He will most be glorified. There are so many unknowns not only about my health, but about my health insurance, what does life look like now?, getting to Austria, etc. It feels like my already unsettled life is becoming even more unsettled. I’m sure God will lead you in prayer with this information.

He is good
I can’t finish this post without telling you how God provided on surgery day. My surgery was scheduled for 5pm and so it was really hard not to eat all day. I’ve never been very good at fasting. Fortunately the hospital called me early and said they’d like me to come in right then and try to get me into surgery by 3:30. I was overjoyed! I still had to wait quite a bit before they got me into the op-room, but while I waited in pre-op I watched college basketball.

When they brought me back to the pre-op area, I met my nurse, Sarah, who was a girl I went to high school with. We caught up on life and I was comforted to have someone take care of me who knew me. She took great care of me!

Thank you so much for your prayers, cards and phone calls. You all are such a blessing to me!! I will call the doctor on Monday morning and as soon as I know something I will get a post up on my blog. Sorry that you’ve been wondering and I haven’t communicated anything until now, but I was hoping to post more info today.

Until then . . . don’t forget that Sunday is selection Sunday for the NCAA men’s college basketball tourney.

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  1. Krishana,

    Praying! Be strong and courageous for HE is with you!

    I love college basketball too! If you want to come watch some, let me know. Too bad IU and UL lost in the first round of their tournaments.

  2. I'm praying for you and your family today that as you hear what the doctor tells you, you will not be overcome with fear, but will be filled with peace.

    I love you and I'm so proud of you for following God's vision for your life.

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