the mountain ahead

Dad, Mom and I got back from the oncologist about an hour ago (Tuesday, 6pm). We know there is a lot of stuff ahead, but at the same time we had a very positive appointment. Thank you for your prayers and I just want to praise God for this appointment. Go God!

From what we know right now this type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is Follicular Lymphoma. I still have a lot more reading and research to tell you more about it, which is now my new homework assignment.

The oncologist was amazing. She was very down-to-earth and explained things rather well. We tape-recorded the appointment so we can go back and listen later. She asked me about what I do and I explained that I had hoped to head to Austria in May as a missionary. Then she said, well we might need to put that off for about six months. When she said that it was like all of this extra weight melted off of my shoulders. Six months?! That is definitely doable. I’m still asking God if I’ll have to go through the Austrian visa process again, but even that is put in perspective. πŸ˜‰

This type of cancer is not curable at this time, but my oncologist said it’s possible to be in remission within six months and to go many years in remission. Now the next steps include:

β€’ Thurs., March 18 – 12:15pm I’m scheduled for a PET scan which will show more of what’s going on with this type of lymphoma; then at 2:15 I have a follow-up appointment with my surgeon

β€’ Depending on the results of the PET scan I may have a bone marrow test next week

β€’ Then once these have been completed I will need to have a port put in so they can administer the chemo I need. This will require a surgery; so I’m not sure what date that will be. At this point we don’t think I need to have radiation, but we have to wait and see after the next couple of tests.

β€’ At this point I don’t know when treatment will start, but it will more than likely be once every three weeks.

So this is what we know now of the journey ahead. Seems like a lot of uphill, but hopefully that will lend itself to an amazing view. Won’t it be great to see what God has in store on the other side?!

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  1. What a battle you have ahead of you! I am so encouraged at your strength- to even be able to write about what is going on and not climb into your shell is God. We are praying for you here at CIT- miss you tons!

    We started language learning yesterday… the class is pretty big now and everything is so different, but we press on. πŸ™‚

    You are loved dear sister


  2. Krishana,
    I don't know if you remember me or not… this is Amy Lowry from CAL… Amy Park now, though. πŸ˜‰ I saw your posts on Facebook and have been following your journey. I just wanted to let you know that I will be praying with faith for your complete healing. Please keep us posted on how we can specifically pray.
    Sending thoughts and prayers your way,
    Amy Park

  3. Joy will come in the morning…and in the morning after that..and so on!!Every day is a day to live for the Lord. Live for the Lord…in sickness and health, in the storms and in the sunlight…in the U.S. and in Austria. Live for the Lord. I know that you are and will…we are here for you and so is God.
    Mary Jo & Chris Pitts

  4. Krishana:
    My daughter, Becky Thompson [at CIT] passed on your information to me so I could pray for you!

    Father God——–
    This young woman has put her faith and her complete TRUST in You – our FAITHFUL LIVING GOD! Would You show her now – WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU CAN DO in and through her life – both in sickness and in health? Would You show favor upon her even in the battle? For the battle is Yours alone and You have won the Victory for which we give You praise through Jesus Christ! May she REST in Your Love and Your care and under Your wings. Teach her ALL that You need her to know about Yourself, Jesus. Reveal Yourself afresh to her – even more than before! May she dig deep into Your Word to find the healing power of Your Spirit – the same power that raised Christ from the dead – lives within HER! Use it to strengthen and heal her from the inside out! In Jesus' Name and for His glory! Amen and AMEN!

    John 14:21 [NKJV]
    He who has My commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me; and he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and will disclose Myself to him.

    Choosing JOY, Stephanie
    JESUS ONLY in 2010

  5. Krishana, Kevin and I are praying for you. So is everyone here in our department at Focus. We love you and are praying for this full remission.

  6. Dear Krishana,

    Bob and I are adding you to our prayers. You are an amazing young woman with an amazing heavenly Father who will sustain you and walk each step of this journey with you. Love you…Mary Busha

  7. Your perspective on this is rocking my world all to pieces. Thanks for taking everybody on this journey with you. I am praying for you daily, whenever your gorgeous face pops into my mind.

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