a rough day, but I made it

Yesterday was my first day of chemo. For the most part I made it through well, even though I was there from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. I had an irritating reaction to one of the chemo drugs feeling like my throat was swollen, so we had to slow it down and give me more Benadryl. Then I did get sick once toward the end of the treatment. My stomach doesn’t do well with the steroids I’m taking right now, so that would be a huge prayer request, as well as the cancer cells that are being fought off around that area of my body also causes me to feel sick or get sick.

At noon today I’m going back to get fluids. I’m glad because after being sick a couple times water doesn’t sound good, even though I need it. Then back home and more rest.

Thank you for your prayers!

3 thoughts on “a rough day, but I made it

  1. Even though we know you'll have difficult days on this journey, I'm so sad to hear it. I'm praying for strength, confidence and healing, all in God's will and to His glory.

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